Degenerative Disc Disease in Naples

Degenerative Disc Disease in Naples

Spinal decompression therapy in Naples can help reverse the effects of degenerative discs. Degenerative discs is a wear-and-tear condition that occurs when the spinal discs weaken, dehydrate and lose their normal elasticity. The disc can weaken and then bulge out and compress the nerves.

For people with degenerative discs, spinal decompression therapy can help decrease pain and stiffness, improve spinal flexibility, increase range of motion, and enhance fluidity.

What is degenerative disc?

Your spine is made up of vertebrae that are separated by discs, which provide crucial support and cushioning. These discs are made of a tough exterior of collagen fibers, which house a jelly-like substance on the inside. As you age, your discs may lose moisture, and the jelly-like interior begins to dry up, which causes your discs to compress, leaving your vertebrae to rub together. When your vertebrae rub together, bone spurs can develop, which can pinch or compromise the many nerves that run along your spine.

Do degenerative discs always lead to pain?

No, not always. The aging process in your discs occurs in almost everyone given enough time, but it is possible to feel no symptoms at all. In fact, the human body has an incredible way of compensating for age, and your spine may function well for years with degenerative discs. But eventually it can cause pain and dysfunction.

What are the potential symptoms of degenerative discs?

Degenerative discs affect people differently, but when it makes itself known, the first signs are usually pain, discomfort, and numbness. These symptoms may be localized, usually in your lower back or in your neck, and they can radiate outward. The degree of your discomfort typically depends upon the degree of nerve impingement. For example, if you have moderate-to-severe degeneration in your lower back, you may feel pain, numbness, or tingling down into your legs. And when it comes to your neck, these symptoms may radiate into your shoulders/arms.

Can degenerative discs be treated in Naples FL?

Yes, and quite effectively. Many doctors use Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression therapy in which they rely on decompression of the discs to create more space between your vertebrae. In giving your discs more room again, it restores the flow of resources, such as water, oxygen, and valuable nutrients, which can reduce your inflammation and encourage healing, allowing you to return to a more active lifestyle.

This conservative approach is usually the best approach. If you are interested in reviewing your condition or MRI/Xray with Dr. Murray Johnston at Johnston Spinal Care & Vax-D Spinal Decompression in Naples (Bonita Springs, Estero, Fort Myers, Marco Island) please contact us at 239-596-2225 for an immediate no-charge consultation. We also have X-ray facilities in-house.


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