Spinal Decompression Testimonials

“I could not walk for 50 years without pain. Shots only worked for a few days. I now have no pain. I can walk for miles – thank you.”

- K. Robes

“I feel healthy and normal without pain now. I have a constant smile on my face. Thank you Dr. Johnston for your decompression treatment.”

- A. Sadik-Ogli

“The muscle spasms in my back and neck were excruciating for years. Dr. Johnston eliminated that!”

- J. Quinlan

"Thank you for all of your help. Your treatment is both extremely effective and super comfortable. Finally, I can wake up in the morning without the pain."

- S. Miller

“I was unable to walk without any assistance or even bend down to any degree. I can now walk distances and bend without any pain!”

- J. Faller

“I was diagnosed with stenosis and bulging discs and was told I need surgery. The pain is now gone and the sciatica is now gone, I can sit straight and be active.”

- J. Gala

“I have suffered from chronic back and neck pain for over 10 years. I am so glad I started spinal decompression. I am now relieved of pain and my life has improved!”

- B. Steil

“I had pain in my lower back, butt, and leg and had trouble walking. Dr. Johnston got rid of the pain and now I have no trouble walking.”

- J. Theroux

“I have had shots in the back for over eight years with very little relief. Now after the spinal decompression with Dr. Johnston I can go back to my regular active life. Yes, I am now walking several miles a day!!”

- T. Phillips

“I used to have constant aching in my back. I had only used pills. Dr. Johnston has been an answer to my problems. He really was a “miracle worker” Thanks!”

- C. Eanes

“I feel great and I am still enjoying the wonderful benefits of my treatment and remain neck pain-free. I thank you for my ‘headache free’ life.”

- J. Amodea

“I recommend this treatment to anyone and have recommended it to all my friends who have back pain. Now I don`t need the conventional back treatments like shots and pain killers.”

- M. Walkowiak

“My pain level severely limited my lifestyle and quality of like. My pain level has gone from a 9 to zero!”

- D. Kratz

“I could hardly walk without pain, and had pain all day and night. The pain was down my legs. I had surgery twice for bulging discs without relief. After Dr. Johnston`s treatment, I can honestly say I feel like a new person – pain-free!”

- E. Carey

“Prior to spinal decompression with Dr. Johnston`s protocol, I suffered constant lower back pain. Now my back has never felt better!!! Thanks!”

- T. Alessi

"I cannot express how helpful Dr. Johnston has been. He has totally changed my life. I haven`t been able to play golf in many years. NOW I CAN!!!"

- C. Radson

“I used to have pain and numbness in my right leg and foot daily. Dr. Johnston`s treatments helped me significantly!”

- A. Condurso

“Before the treatments, I had pain from sciatica from my butt down my legs. Now I don`t have that pain anymore. The spinal decompression treatments went very well, and got rid of the pain! Thank you!”

- J. Zakrzewski

“After many years of suffering from lower back pain, I finally found Johnston Spinal Care! They are the best! It has really worked well for me and now I`m pain-free. Thank you Dr. Johnston for being so nice and professional.”

- R. Pereida

“Thank god I called Dr. Johnston. the treatment has improved my ability to move much easier. I am now doing things I have put off for years. I feel like I did 20 years ago.”

- R. Lotter

“My back feels much much better!!”

- D. Hacker

“I used to have pain in the low back – not able to functions very well with daily routines. I had an MRI which discovered a bulging disc. The treatments with Dr. Johnston had a VERY positive effect – pain is gone! I can do normal functions now with no pain.”

- J. Lamoreaux

“Before treatments with Dr. Johnston, my back was extremely painful. Dr. Johnston is a miracle worker!!!”

- G. Broderick

“I used to have severe upper back pain for 10 years or more. I had back braces. Now, complete healing of my back.”

- B. Garner

“After many many years of physical therapy and numerous spinal shots, I was still in pain. Some doctors suggested surgery which was out of the question. Finally, I found Johnston Spinal Care. They spend a lot of time and effort with me. I am finally free of the pain and aggravation which seemed endless. Sincere thanks to Johnston Spinal Care!”

- M. Burke

“I feel much better and walk much straighter - without strain or pain.”

- M. Grasso

“I had severe low back pain and leg pain. After treatment with Johnston Spinal Care, I have felt so much improved – pain-free. I recommend this treatment.”

- C. Johnson

“I first visited Johnston Spinal Care due to severe, unrelenting lower back pain. The doctor`s caring concern and individualized attention was truly remarkable.”

- R. Torrsi

“I couldn`t walk without my back hurting and had to walk in a bent position. I was always looking for a place to sit down. Spinal decompression therapy has made my life a lot more enjoyable.”

- M. Hughes

“I sought out Dr. Johnston because I have been having low back pain for the last 9-10 months. I tried muscle relaxants, ibuprofen, and injections all without relief. Spinal decompression helped significantly! I can now sleep better and get out of the car and walk around without the same level of pain.”

- G. Winn

"Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. You gave me my life back. I truly feel better than I have in 30 years."

- R. Switzer

“Prior to treatment I had difficulty standing straight and had back pain when standing. The spinal decompression helped me stand straight without pain.”

- E. Malmstrom

“Before I started therapy at Johnston Spinal Care my body was crooked and I was in the worst pain of my life, now my body is perfectly straight and I am no longer in pain.”

- B. Palkovic

“Dr. Johnston`s procedure improved my ability to walk and stand for long periods. He also helped my flexibility in my neck and back.”

- F. Wood

“I had an extremely painful right leg. My pain has now vanished!!! Thanks!!!”

- B. Barbahen

“I used to have lower back pain and numbness in my legs when standing. Now I`m pain-free and can enjoy days and nights again.”

- J. Ippolito

“Before starting spinal decompression I was getting progressively more restricted in my daily activities. For 10 years I was looking for an answer – now I`ve found it. Thanks, Dr. Johnston.”

- E. Kittrell

“Before initiating my decompression treatments I was beginning to feel the pain radiating down my leg into my foot was something I would have to learn to live with. I was wrong. Thank you, Dr. Johnston.”

- J. Barnes

“I no longer need a walker. I am pain-free. I can now play golf, swim laps, and even did the polka and twist.”

- M. Kozur

“I was experiencing SEVERE lower back pain that ran down my leg into my foot. I am now 100% without any pain medication.”

- A. Azar

“I feel much better than I have for a long time – Dr. Johnston is very good at what he does.”

- S. Nagy

“I was having problems making a fist. My MRI said I had bulging discs that were touching my spinal cord. I didn`t want surgery. Decompression has helped tremendously. I am now doing things I have put off for years. I feel like I did 20 years ago!”

- B. Lotter

"Dr. Johnston was the best doctor I`ve ever been too. Fantastic service, and an encyclopedia of knowledge."

- R. Ghatalia

“I am walking much better, feeling much better and overall SUPER!!! Thanks.”

- J. Morgan

“Before I had these treatments I was in a lot of pain. Now I feel great. Thanks, I am very happy!”

- F. Ferger

“Before I started spinal decompression I had done a series of epidurals which didn’t help. Decompression treatment is a much better solution. Now I am able to play golf.”

- R. Riley

“I was experiencing pain in my left side and my lower back. Both are better now. Dr. Johnston was great and my treatment was very easy.”

- J. Doran

“For quite a long time I had been experiencing lower back pain and was searching for a treatment to alleviate the pain. I am VERY happy to say the spinal decompression worked very well for me!”

- P. Walkovits

“Dr. Johnston has given me my life back!!!”

- B. D`Amico

“Thanks so much for your high quality and caring help!”

- J. Hope


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