Here`s what people are saying about our Spinal Decompression (VAX-D) Protocol...

“I could not walk for 50 years without pain.  Shots only worked for a few days.  I now have no pain.  I can walk for miles – thank you” –K. ROBES, 82

“I feel healthy and normal without pain now.  I have a constant smile on my face.  Thank you Dr. Johnston for your decompression treatment” –A. SADIK-OGLI, 64

“The muscle spasms in my back and neck were excruciating for years.  Dr. Johnston eliminated that!” -J. QUINLAN, 74

"Thank you for all of your help.  Your treatment is both extremely effective and super comfortable.  Finally I can wake up in the morning without the pain." -S. MILLER, 41

“I was unable to walk without any assistance or even bend down to any degree.  I can now walk distances and bend without any pain!” –J. FALLER, 65

“I was diagnosed with stenosis and bulging discs and was told I need surgery.  The pain is now gone and the sciatica is now gone, I can sit straight and be active.” –J. GALA, 74

“I have suffered from chronic back and neck pain for over 10 years.  I am so glad I started spinal decompression.  I am now relieved of pain and my life has improved!” –B. STEIL, 63

“I had pain in my lower back, butt and leg and had trouble walking.  Dr. Johnston got rid of the pain and now I have no trouble walking.” –J. THEROUX, 72

“I have had shots in the back for over eight years with very little relief.  Now after the spinal decompression with Dr. Johnston I can go back to my regular active life.  Yes, I am now walking several miles a day!!” –T. PHILLIPS, 75

“I used to have constant aching in my back.  I had only used pills.  Dr. Johnston has been an answer to my problems.  He really was a “miracle worker” Thanks!” –C. EANES, 75

“I feel great and I am still enjoying the wonderful benefits of my treatment and remain neck pain free.  I thank you for my ‘headache free’ life.” – J. AMODEA

“I recommend this treatment to anyone and have recommended it to all my friends who have back pain.  Now I don`t need the conventional back treatments like shots and pain killers.” –M. WALKOWIAK, 57

“My pain level severly limited my lifestyle and quality of like.  My pain level has gone from a 9 to zero!” –D. KRATZ, 67

“I could hardly walk without pain, and had pain all day and night.  The pain was down my legs.  I had surgery twice for bulging discs without relief.  After Dr. Johnston`s treatment I can honestly say I feel like a new person – pain free!” – E. CAREY, 73

“Prior to spinal decompression with Dr. Johnston`s protocol I suffered constant lower back pain.  Now my back has never felt better!!!  Thanks!”  -T. ALESSI

"I cannot express how helpful Dr. Johnston has been.  He has totally changed my life.  I haven`t been able to play golf in many years.  NOW I CAN!!!" -C. RADSON, 79

“I used to have pain and numbness in my right leg and foot daily.  Dr. Johnston`s treatments helped me significantly!” –A. CONDURSO

“Before the treatments I had pain from sciatica from my butt down my legs.  Now i don`t have that pain anymore.  The spinal decompression treatments went very well, and got rid of the pain!  Thank you!” –J. ZAKRZEWSKI

“After many years of suffering from lower back pain i finally found johnston spinal care!  They are the best!  It has really worked well for me and now i`m pain free.  Thank you Dr. Johnston for being so nice and professional” –R. PEREIDA

“Thank god I called Dr. Johnston.  the treatment has improved my ability to move much easier.  I am now doing things i have put off for years.  i feel like i did 20 years ago.” –R. LOTTER

“My back feels much much better!!” –D. HACKER

“I used to have pain in the low back – not able to functions very well with daily routines.  I had an MRI which discovered a bulging disc.  The treatments with Dr. Johnston had a VERY positive effect – pain is gone!  I can do normal functions now with no pain.” –J. LAMOREAUX

“Before treatments with Dr. Johnston my back was extremely painful.  Dr. Johnston is a miracle worker!!!” –G. BRODERICK

“I used to have severe upper back pain for 10 years or more.  I had back braces.  Now, complete healing of my back” –B. GARNER, 65

“After many many years of physical therapy and numerous spinal shots I was still in pain.  Some doctors suggested surgery which was out of the question.  Finally I found Johnston Spinal Care.  They spend a lot of time and effort with me.  I am finally free of the pain and aggravation which seemed endless.  Sincere thanks to Johnston Spinal Care!”M. BURKE, 74

“I feel much better and walk much straighter - without strain or pain” –M. Grasso, 50

“I had severe low back pain and leg pain.  After treatment with Johnston Spinal Care I have felt so much improved – pain free.  I recommend this treatment” –C. JOHNSON, 45

“I first visited Johnston Spinal Care due to severe, unrelenting lower back pain.  The doctor`s caring concern and individualized attention was truly remarkable” –R. TORRISI, 52

“I couldn`t walk without my back hurting and had to walk in a bent position.  I was always looking for a place to sit down.  Spinal decompression therapy has made my life a lot more enjoyable” –M. HUGHES, 57

“I sought out Dr. Johnston because I have been having low back pain for the last 9-10 months.  I tried muscle relaxants, ibuprofen, and injections all without relief.  Spinal decompression helped significantly!  I can know sleep better and get out of the car and walk around without the same level of pain.” –G. WINN, 62

"Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.  You gave me my life back.  I truly feel better than I have in 30 years" - R. SWITZER, 58

“Prior to treatment I had difficulty standing straight and had back pain when standing.  The spinal decompression helped me stand straight without pain.” –E. MALMSTROM, 52

“Before I started therapy at Johnston Spinal Care my body was crooked and I was in the worst pain of my life, now my body is perfectly straight and I am no longer in pain.” –B. PALKOVIC, 35

“Dr. Johnston`s procedure improved my ability to walk and stand for long periods.  He also helped my flexibility in my neck and back” –F. WOOD, 46

“I had an extremely painful right leg.  My pain has now vanished!!!  Thanks!!!” B. BARBAHEN, 78

 “I used to have lower back pain and numbness in my legs when standing.  Now I`m pain free and can enjoy days and nights again” –J. IPPOLITO, 76

“Before starting spinal decompression I was getting progressively more restricted in my daily activities.  For 10 years I was looking for an answer – now i`ve found it. Thanks Dr. Johnston” –E. KITTRELL, 76

“Before initiating my decompression treatments I was beginning to feel the pain radiating down my leg into my foot was something I would have to learn to live with.  I was wrong.  Thank you, Dr. Johnston” –J. BARNES, 71

“I no longer need a walker.  I am pain free.  I can now play golf, swim laps and even did the polka and twist” –M. Kozur, 68

“I was experiencing SEVERE lower back pain that ran down my leg into my foot.  I am now 100% without any pain medication.” –A. AZAR, 71

“I feel much better than I have for a long time – Dr. Johnston is very good at what he does” –S. Nagy, 74

“I was having problems making a fist.  My MRI said I had bulging discs that was touching my spinal cord.  I didn`t want surgery.  Decompression has helped trememdously.  I am now doing things I have put off for years.  I feel like I did 20 years ago!” –B. LOTTER, 67

"Dr. Johnston was the best doctor i`ve ever been too.  Fantastic service, and an encyclopedia of knowledge." -R. GHATALIA, 45

“I am walking much better, feeling much better and overall SUPER!!! Thanks” –J. MORGAN, 80

“Before I had these treatments I was in a lot of pain.  Now I feel great. Thanks, I am very happy!”F. FERGER, 79

“Before I started spinal decompression I had done a series of epidurals which didn’t help.  Decompression treatment is a much better solution.  Now I am able to play golf” –R. RILEY, 74

“I was experiencing pain in my left side and my lower back.  Both are better now.  Dr. Johnston was great and my treatment was very easy.” - J. DORAN, 70

“For quite a long time I had been experiencing lower back pain and was searching for a treatment to alleviate the pain.  I am VERY happy to say the spinal decompression worked very well for me!”P. WALKOVITS, 63

“Dr. Johnston has given me my life back!!!” B. D`AMICO

“Thanks so much for your high quality and caring help!” J. HOPE, 85